Can you manage your product from formulas until packaging ?
Is it easy to calculate costs, INCI list and claims ? How to generate automatically PIF ? How do you do stability challenge testing ?

Your products are part of everyday life of thousands of people while that innovation and rigor are part of yours. Confidence is probably the major ingredient for your users. That’s why the formulation and labeling of your products is a priority.

A cosmetic can easily contain several dozen ingredients, implying an extremely precise management of your raw materials. With beCPG, product characteristics such as allergens, ingredients, label claims are calculated automatically and kept up to date. Customize stability and make virtual experiment to see the compatibility of elements. Each data is compared to European and US nomenclature to ensure global regulatory compliance. Create easily the Product Information File (PIF) and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Design the packaging in the development process.

Project management gives an overview of your projects and help each service to work together from idea to product launch.

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