Will you be ready for the next collection?
Do you have the right tool to develop collections and styles? How to collaborate efficiently with suppliers all around the world?

Your sector demands a responsiveness foolproof, your products change and evolve seasonally, find a solution to improve time to market.

Your team must be coordinated and effective, that’s why we help you to manage your line planning and calendar. Our platform allows global collaboration with your teams including third party raw materials suppliers and factories all over the world. We know you have many specifications for each style such as color, size range (S,M,L,...), dimensions, bill of material and more. beCPG is developed to avoid mistakes causing the return of goods. It also manages design files with Adobe Illustrator integration and version control, facilitates E-commerce and digital catalog extraction.

beCPG PLM gives you all the tools to quickly respond to increasing consumer demands for cheaper and more fashionable products.

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