How to manage your recipes and packaging?
Do you calculate nutritions facts with excel? What information should appear on the packaging? How do you translate your labeling?

Food industry was one of the first sectors to take in account traceability issues and food security. R&D, Quality, Production, Supply Chain, each service has its share of responsibility. You need to develop the recipe and the packaging of your products on a single platform for all your teams.

Costs, nutrition facts, recommended daily intake (RDI), allergens, claims, labels, ingredients are calculated automatically in order to respect standards and global regulations as 1169/2011. beCPG allows to work on virtual recipe to see what if you try a new scenario, and see directly impacts on cost, nutrition, RDIs, vitamin or else. beCPG generates automatically client and factory specifications. Multi-sector expertise in formulation with over-runs, process lost, gains, … Generate labeling for each language with all the required information in the appropriate format.

Project management gives an overview of your projects and helps each service to work together from idea to product launch.

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