Is it easy to integrate software with hardware during product development?
Are your teams coordinated? Is it simple to enhance profitability? Your end-to-end process is too long?

Technology is progressing very quickly. It’s hard to keep up technological advances daily. In your sector, innovation capacity is synonym of success. Reacting quickly to changes is more than a necessity, it is a need.

You must reduce the “time to market” while controlling industrial risks with the aim of improving the profitability of different products and features. An innovation can happen part by part. A product can be updated with one new software, hardware or electronic piece according to REACH and RoHS to avoid fines and penalties. Then you will see in a trice how this change can impact your final product and cost. beCPG PLM helps to improve end-to-end process efficiency, strengthen your teams and supplement their work forces, as well as enhance product design, validation, and manufacturing.

The "time to market" is optimized and reduced in order to save costs during manufacturing.

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