Software ready for regulations 1169/2011 and US FDA

The implementation of Regulations EU 1169/2011 and US FDA seems complex ? You are still using Excel to manage your recipes ? You want to improve collaboration between your services and improve reliability of product data.


Don't wait, choose the best software on the market. Unlike other solutions, the software beCPG PLM is a formulation tool all in one provided at a competitive price. It's easy user experience allows to get quickly and without training nutrition information, labeling of ingredients and allergens according to several regulations : EU 1169/2011, US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and others.


Why should you choose beCPG ?

beCPG integrates nutritional databases such as CIQUAL, USDA and allows to formulate all kinds of products. Want to go further? beCPG is a complete integrated PLM including:

  • Generation of datasheets
  • Product repository
  • Business process management
  • Customer complaints management
  • Document management
  • and more...

beCPG has choosen a modern platform, sustainable and 100% web used by 7 million professionals thus beCPG includes one of the best document management of the market.

You can try our free solution or contact us for a web demo.

Experts on Regulation 1169/2011

You want custom coaching and advice on the implementation of the regulation 1169/2011, call our partner Agro-Innovation. Given the complexity of the task, Agro-Innovation helps you to get compliant packaging and labeling according to the new regulation 1169/2011:

  • Audit of your packaging and labeling
  • Advices and recommendation
  • Calculation of nutrition facts
  • Training employees with regulatory requirements