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beCPG is an open source Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for food, cosmetics and CPG industries. It helps to accelerate innovation and reduce time-to-market while improving product quality.

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beCPG provides a digital thread for product data management during design and manufacture.

Develop your products and calculate your regulatory data

  • Fill in the recipes, packagings and processes of your products,
  • Automatically calculate the costings, allergens, ingredients, nutrients, nutritional profiles and claims for your products,
  • Generate your technical data sheets and send them to your clients.

beCPG managed several regulations in over 70 countries (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.), for the food, cosmetics, and dietary supplements industries!

Gantt view for new product development project

Accelerate innovation and reduce time to market for New Product Development

Define your new product development processes and follow your projects progress in real time.

Each collaborator is notified by workflow during the project, while wizards facilitate the data collection.

Synchronize product data between beCPG, your CRM, your ERP, and products catalogs with our Rest API.

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beCPG PLM software helps consumer goods industries who develop food & beverage and cosmetic products by taking into account the constraints of complex products, mass distribution and supply chain.

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Cosmetic & personal care

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