beCPG PLM software manages the lifecycle of finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, packaging and documents. The product repository provides Product data management (PDM) for specifications, technical sheets, bill of material and regulatory data. It also provides Product information management (PIM) for the marketing and sale of products through one or more distribution channels.

beCPG is an open source software configurable and customizable so you can adapt it to your business and your industry. beCPG is ready to use for Food & Beverage, Cosmetics and CPG industries so you can use it out of the box !



your finished products, raw materials and packaging in adapted forms


only one up-to-date datasource!


easily for your products and documents in an organised repository


product changes and their impacts
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Product data management

Product data management (PDM) system is focused on capturing and maintaining product information through its development and useful life.

Our PDM software offers the following features:

  • Manage product data and share a single database between marketing, R&D, quality, production, sales and supply chain. Your data is therefore more reliable and the quality of data is improved at each stage of the product lifecycle.
  • Completeness of data, so you can follow product completion and view missing data in order to have a better product experiences
  • Automatic numbering, so each product is easily identifiable
  • Configuration management for the bill of materials (BOM) with effectivities, variants and alternatives
  • Automatic calculations thanks to the formulation, costs and regulatory data are therefore always up to date
  • Version control, changes are therefore tracked
  • Comparison of versions and products
  • Status and Product Lifecycle Management
  • Autocompleted to save time
  • Analysis of impacts with Where Used and simulation of changes in product and packaging, so you control the changes
  • Advanced search on product metadata, you no longer waste your time searching for products
  • Mass modification of products to keep your data up to date
  • Project managment enables collaboration during product development and approval process
  • Data exchange with third softwares in real time such as ERP, CRM and web site, thanks to our REST APIs and our connectors, you therefore avoid re-entries by integrating beCPG into your information system
  • Finally, GDSN data management, so you can synchronize product data with PIM solutions through GS1 standard (eg: Equadis, A3PIM, @GP, Synkka, Atrify, Validoo)

Document management

Our document management software allows to receive, track, manage and store all file types of documents.

Here is a short list of beCPG’s capabilities :

  • Manage electronic documents such as specifications, certificates, supplier documents, drawings, contracts, CAD files, etc…
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) such as images and videos
  • Artwork management with proofing tools (annotations, comparison, layers, colors, artwork approval, …)
  • Revision control and records management
  • Full text search
  • Share documents with third parties
  • Online preview of documents
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Google Drive
  • Automate paper-based operations with workflows
  • Digital signature