The project module manages new products development from the idea generation to the market launch. It allows to assign tasks to coworkers and to follow ongoing projects.



time to market for New Product Development

Accelerate and follow

exchanges between collaborators

Be productive

from the initial idea to the market launch!

Manage planning and tasks

The Gantt view lets you organize the project into tasks and subtasks by defining dependencies, actors and durations. Then, your teams collaborate effectively and follow the same planning in real time.

Each actor is notified by workflow when the project progresses with a description of the work to do. When an actor submits its task, the planning is updated. Wizards can be added at some tasks to fill data easily.

Monitoring of projects

The projects dashboard allows you to control your projects and anticipate delays. You evaluate your projects according to risk, profitability and corporate strategy in order to avoid the least uninteresting projects.

By centralizing all project information such as documents, emails and messages, you save time when searching for information.

beCPG helps you to manage workload, availability of resources and allows to compare spent time to budgeted time.