Our formulation software facilitates the design of new products and the management of trials. From the recipe, packaging and processes, it automatically calculates regulatory data and product costs. 

beCPG PLM is an open source software configurable and customizable. Therefore, it covers the requirements of your industry and your business. beCPG is ready to use for several industries Food & Beverage and Cosmetics so you can use it out of the box !



new products with recipes, packaging and processes


costs, allergens, ingredients, nutrition facts, nutri-score, trafic lights, claims, physico-chemical data, weights, packaging taxes


trials and check client specifications

Formulate products in a few clicks

  • Manage recipes and formula
  • Calculate automatically costs, nutritional values, allergens, ingredients list, claims and physical-chemical data
  • Take into account yields, losses, overrage
  • Codify recipes automatically with business rules
  • Manage trials and versions
  • Compare products and versions
  • Manage the Lifecycle of your recipes
  • Analysis of impacts when you modify raw materials and packagings
  • Simulate changes in recipes
  • Exchange data with labeling software with Rest API and connectors

Optimization, regulations and constraints

  • Least cost formulation
  • Respect client specifications thanks to the formulation with constraints
  • Check products are compliant with regulations. beCPG manages more than 50 regulations (EU n°1169/2011, US FDA, Canada, China…)
  • Specific calculation rules thanks to the formula editor
  • Optimizing and standardizing formulas to stand out from competitors!

Eco-design and carbon footprint

  • Carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Eco-design by optimizing formulas

Ready-to-use INCO software

Do you find the implementation of EU Regulation 1169/2011 or U.S. FDA regulations complex?

Are you still using Excel to manage recipes?

Do you want to improve collaboration between your services and make your product data more reliable?

Don’t wait any longer!

Choose the best offer on the market ! Unlike other solutions, beCPG PLM is an all-in-one formulation software. It is available at a competitive price and ready to use !

The user-friendly interface allows to get quickly and without training labeling data. Therefore, nutrition values, nutri-score, claims, ingredients list and allergens are always up-to-date and compliant with regulations !