The role of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is to manage the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.


Products repository

  • Manage Product Information, Client and Supplier data
  • Share a unique source of data, common to every department, and up-to-date !
  • Search products and documents in a single unified repository
  • Respond quickly and effectively to sanitary alerts
  • Keep a complete history of trials and products
  • Manage changes of raw materials and packaging


Formula and recipe management

beCPG allows formula and recipe management of food products, cosmetics and chemical products:

  • Calculation of product characteristics like costs, nutrition facts, allergens, labeling of ingredients / INCI / CAS, physico-chemical characteristics
  • Take in account transformation processes (yield, shrinkage, losses, gains)
  • Update products after changes of raw materials
  • Compare trials of formulas / recipes

Constraints and optimization

  • Least cost formulation
  • Ensure compliance with customer specifications through the formulation under stress
  • Consider regulations and legislations in the countries where you sell your products. beCPG is compliant with EU 1169/2011 regulation, US FDA and others.
  • Add your own calculation rules
  • Optimize and standardize your formulas to stand out from the competition!

Eco-design and carbon footprint

  • Measure the environmental impact (carbon footprint)
  • Do eco-design by optimizing your formulas


Report / BI Light

  • Generate product data sheets and product catalogs
  • Answer calls for tenders quickly with reliable data
  • Inline preview directly in web browser
  • Create report templates via drag & drop
  • Explore and consolidate data with BI Light
  • A rich drag and drop based user interface allows you to easily define and manipulate your queries
  • Understand your data quickly by using rich, clear-cut visualizations
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Workflows allow you to create business processes to automate some tasks of product development:

  • Accelerate and supervise exchanges between employees
  • Real time collaborative workflows between users (R&D, Purchasing, Quality, Packaging, ...)
  • Use workflows for product approval, product review
  • Design your workflows (flowcharts and forms)