New release

beCPG launched the new version 2.1 of its PLM software

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To build the version 2.1, beCPG considered the feedbacks of its 30 clients (SVA Jean Rozé, Loeul et Piriot, Les Délices du Valplessis, Boncolac, Valrhona, Daunat, etc…) notably by improving its user experience and by including latest innovation in its formulation module for nutritional and ingredients labelling.
It is now easier to develop new products, to pilot R&D projects and to manage regulations such as regulation EU 1169/2011 or the decree n°2016-1137 dealing with the indication of the origins of milk and meats used as ingredients.

beCPG 2.1, what’s new?

Technical aspects

beCPG is now based on a new technical foundation (Alfresco 5.1; Tomcat 7.0.62; Apache SOLR4; Java 8) and takes over MySQL 5.7 et Ubuntu Xenial.

An easier community installation

With a constant will of openness and transparency, this new PLM version is available in Open Source on Source Forge. Handling beCPG 2.1 is still simple as far as a virtual machine is supplied.
Download the virtual machine here.

A new theme

A new theme has been added to improve the user experience and provide a better visibility of the information.

Better critical look on nutritional values

Reference daily intakes (RDI) percentages are now visible in the forms of gauges whose colours are associated to each nutrient. Consequently, it is easier to evaluate the respect or not of RDI.

The new 2016 Ciqual Table is also available. Furthermore, it is possible to compare the nutritional values of your product with the nutritional values of one product of a nutritional database (ex: smocked or cooked variant).

Better whole vision

The headers of datalists are now fixed which allows you to keep an eye on datalist header while reading data of a long list.

From the « Composition » view, it’s possible to keep a whole vision on the product by using personalized lists. Moreover, all the software’s notifications are centralized in this view.

Finally, it’s possible to know users who are consulting the same product as you thanks to the display of their avatar on the upper page. Several persons can also modify the same product !

Products catalogues, to say goodbye to incomplete or errored products sheets

Different data must be filled on a product according to its recipients (client, factory, etc…), that’s why a products catalogue management module has been developed. This latter allows you to associate rules on properties of products. For example, on the client catalogue some fields must be filled such as the trade name, EAN and GTIN codes, or whether storage conditions, shelf life and much more. When some data are missing, warnings are raised. This allows the reduction of customer returns caused by errors on those data, thus, to save a considerable time. In addition, beCPG added a progress notion. It shows visually the product advancement and it is linked to indications which permit a fast visualization of missing points.
This Product Information Management (PIM) ensures the quality and the wholeness of your product data.

And much more …

  • Establishment of a new action on documents which allows you to become owner;
  • Possibility to restore products from the trash;
  • Automatic alerts on overdue tasks in projects;
  • Improvement of client briefs;
  • Simplification of a site’s members management;
  • Improvement of multi-language and foreign regulations management;
  • Increase of the performances;
  • Etc…

Download community version as of now or ask for a free trial.