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beCPG PLM version 2.2

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beCPG is surfing on the 5.2 Alfresco wave with the launch of its new version 2.2.

Focused on a meticulous products review, this latter will allow a simple access to your products and a fast understanding of the origins of your products’ properties !
Always in a willingness to help you optimize your time, some actions have been automated and search options have been reviewed and improved.
beCPG, in phase with its time and the new regulations, has integrated the new method for the calculation of the 5C score in the version 2.2.

Alfresco 2.2

Sites dashboards are now optional which gives the possibility to sites managers to choose the homepage they want.
The “Live Search” appears, with the possibility to restrict the search to some sites for the purpose of refining it.

beCPG 2.2 latest innovation

How to distinguish yourself from the competition ?

Based on the ruling of the 5th April of 2017, the new computation method of the 5C score has been integrated to beCPG software. As of now, you can put this new coloured logo as additional information to the nutritional declaration of your products. Thus, you’ll delight your consumers, avid of information concerning the food they eat ! This is how, with one click, you will distinguish yourself from your competitors !

How to improve the traceability of your products?

With the apparition of the sensitive version, you’ll store a precise historical of the previous versions of your products. The goal of the sensitive version is to be able to apply changes to a raw material but without using this new version in the previous versions of the semi finished or finished products in which it’s used !

How to keep an eye on the latest actions carried on your products ?

An « Activities » list has been added to each entity in order to follow actions carried on by the site members on this latter !

beCPG 2.2 allows a time gain on fastidious operations

Simulation of all the characteristics when a change order is used

Need to replace a raw material by another in many products and to be able to see the impact of this replacement on different and varied characteristics ? This is possible with the new functionnality of the change order 2.2 ! You are now able to evaluate the impact on nutritional properties, costs but also all the characteristics you’ve set by using your own formulas.

Bulk edition on many pages

Need to update a field presents on a huge variety of products ? The bulk edition of the new beCPG version will be very helpful. In fact, it will allow the selection of products in many pages and their grouped edition in order to modify a field such as the shelf life, familly etc.

Optimised search

Endless characteristics’ lists ? Don’t panic, beCPG will allow you to easily navigate into these lists thanks to the sorting on many pages and the bulk edition.
Moreover, the advanced search permits the investigation and the sorting of the results within more than one familie/sub familie.

beCPG is also a tool for increasing your field of vision

Easy setting of product advancement criteria

With the latest version of beCPG, the mandatory fields catalog is userfriendly so that you can easily modify it in order to define suitable advancement score based on the criteria defined by your company !

Entities meticulous review

The magnifier 2.2 will improve your foresight and the knowledge of your products. Indeed, this latter allows the display of the previous year’s costs and the detail of the materials’ claims.

beCPG 2.2 is also …

  • A new theme for the technical sheets ;
  • The project manager avatar is displayed in the « Project » dashlet ;
  • New labeling rules ;
  • Etc.