Trials and versions history during product development

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During the development of a new product, it is common to develop several dozen trials and versions depending of the complexity of the project. These versions can be created in several quarters even several years. You must be able to track all versions, the reason for changes and avoid mistakes already made ​​or re-examine assumptions. As part of the development of its version 1.6, beCPG brings some new features about versioning.

It is now easier to create tests. A button has been added to create a test directly from the data lists of the product, it means creating a copy of a particular version of the product. Each test may have its own versions.

Create a new trial
 A list shows the different tests involved in the current product. This list allows easy way to switch from one test to another one. It is possible to enable or disable certain tests by changing their status. It is also possible to see an earlier version of the product directly from its composition. 
Consult trials and versions

 To facilitate tracking of the development, the application has a new tool that displays a graph of versions. This allows a complete traceability of comments, versions and testing, and provides a clear reading of changes over time.

Graph of version history
Finally, a report allows you to compare structurally different trials and versions. Get more information on product repository and formulation.