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PLM, Project Management and Deliverables

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For the end of the year, beCPG introduced a new module for project management within its PLM.
This module comes in addition to Workflows already in place. It allows you to manage projects directly in a Collaborative Site or more generally in the Project Repository.

With project templates, the project manager can create easily new projects pre-configured.
The project manager configures or redefines tasks and resources of the project, then he can start the project.





Task list
Project task list

Adhoc workflows or more complex workflows can be launched automatically on each task allowing flexibility in the progress of the project and its follow-up.

Screens displays projects and tasks completion, expected deliverables (ToDo list).

Project overview
Projects overview

The Gantt view displays the actual schedule and forecast of each project.

Gantt view

Each project task is online editable from the view tracking.

Task edition

Permissions on fields and nodes present in beCPG are applicable to this module. It is therefore easy to define editable fields by the manager and those editable by contributors.

You can have data lists in a Collaborative Site to manage Issues, Change Requests, New Ideas,…

Datalists for project management

Finally, you can also do scorecards on projects to compare them : Strategic, Risk, Budget, Resource.

Project scorecard

This video presents the project management module (don’t forget to zoom and change the resolution) :