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Software to manage sourcing projects for new products

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The new product development often involves sourcing for outsourcing products, raw materials and packaging.

Sourcing allows you to:

  • find a product at the right price,
  • ensure a level of quality,
  • manage the logistics supply chain.

Between 1950 and today, the exchange of goods have been multiplied by 15.

According to the presentation of Lamidieu Lipin (in french), a sourcing process can be represented as follows:

and sourcing cycle as follows:
To facilitate monitoring and eliminate low value added tasks, beCPG software manages these projects:
  • The sourcing process:
    • Request for quotation sent to suppliers
    • Response by suppliers
    • Analysis and selection of suppliers
    • Capture product specifications
      • product composition 
      • packaging 
      • palletization 
      • allergens, nutritional facts, claims, physico-chemical, organoleptic data for a food product 
      • etc … 
    • Tests of samples and quality analyzes
  • Finally, the management of non-conformances and customer complaints to measure the quality of products delivered by the supplier (more info in this post).

Each project has its schedule in Gantt format.
Vue gantt d’un projet

To follow the exchanges between client and suppliers, project actors are notified by email and a view shows the project activity:
Project activity