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Digital Transformation in Product Management – software beCPG

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Like more than half of private sector workers, you may never have experienced telecommuting before 2020. But successive recommendations and lockdowns have pushed your teams to work remotely. And teleworking, of course, goes hand in hand with digital tools. Therefore, you must accelerate your digital transformation. If your business hasn’t gone digital properly, you are probably already familiar with the following issues:

  • Out-of-date documents, duplicate versions
  • Loss of contact with your colleagues
  • Lack of information between teams
  • Responsibility dilution on the tasks to be performed
  • Increasing of time to market for your new products

In 2020, food, cosmetics and retail companies faced one of the most disruptive years ever, with the absorption of several years of digital transformation in just a few months, and many found that their existing workflows did not allow them to be sufficiently reactive, especially in a remote work context.

And this phenomenon, already growing since the beginning of the 2010s, is not about to stop: 84% of teleworkers see themselves working partially from home after the end of the pandemic1. The benefits and constraints of such an organization are now better understood. Many employers are using this opportunity to consider hybrid ways of working for the future.

To stand out, we need to rethink how teams can collaborate efficiently. To help companies navigate this adventure, strengthen their resilience and accelerate their digital transformation, beCPG presents its PLM software to you.

beCPG, an asset to collaborate efficiently


The need to be able to work remotely has made companies aware of the value of going digital: sharing information in real time, working remotely and still as a team… the challenges are numerous.

beCPG offers innovative content management solutions that connect, manage and protect your most important information, anywhere. No matter where you are, you can manage your content, connect information with users around the world, and stream documents to any device.

beCPG enables companies to increase employee productivity and manage product information with an exceptional user experience. Its new project interface brings more flexibility and better fluidity in the definition and execution of business processes as well as for the daily monitoring of tasks.

Many turnkey flows and processes are offered:

  • Management of the innovation process
  • New product development and change management processes
  • Collection of supplier data and documents
  • Product data sheet validation workflows
  • Proofreading and validation of proofs thanks to annotations, and sharing with the printer
  • Management of customer complaints and non-conformities
  • Distribution of documents

Nothing could be easier than setting up your own workflows, from the simplest to the most complex. With just a few clicks, speed up innovation and time to market for your products.

From brief to marketing, save time on all stages of product development. With a single click, simulate the impact of changes on an existing product, check its regulatory compliance, calculate its costs and its nutritional score. Our new version also offers functions to optimize the nutritional values or costs of your recipes: an ideal tool for R&D and Quality teams.


beCPG is the assurance of a single, common, and above all up-to-date, data source! The keystone of product information within your company, beCPG enables activity and change monitoring. Importing data from Excel files also speeds up data transfer and the transition to beCPG.

Define your catalogs, and simplify the collection and enrichment of product data by validating the data completed at each stage of your product development process (NPD).

Finally, APIs and connectors allow you to easily connect beCPG to your other applications (CRM, ERP, etc.) and the generation of technical data sheets reinforce the quality perceived by your customers.

PIM (Product Information Management), MDM (Master Data Management), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), beCPG covers all of your needs and becomes the backbone of your IT system.

What are you waiting for your digital transformation? Contact us today to request a demo or a free trial!