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beCPG PLM 1.6 released and Open Source

By 18 June 2014February 22nd, 2022No Comments
beCPG PLM 1.6 has been released !
It’s the result of months of intense development and tests.
This new version met a great success with beCPG customers and partners by the richness of its features and its new interface. It is now easier to develop new products, manage R&D projects and take in account regulations.

In our commitment to openness, a community version of our PLM is now available as Open Source.
“beCPG wants to be the first PLM designed for CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and totally opened to free-software community.”

As the journalist Stéfane Fermifier says:
“Developing an Open Source strategy in an IT department is a way to free itself from the seller-customer relationship and from some “lock-in”. With free-software, customers are freer than with a single seller of a proprietary technology.”
By this openness and transparency pledge, beCPG boosts its product and increases the quality of service provided to its users. It’s also a step towards its customers, reinforcing the confidence they have for it.
Finally beCPG is also a framework and several modules.
“We are searching to build a network of technology partners able to create and distribute solutions dedicated to different CPG sectors.”
Since our application is Open Source, it’s now easier for integrators to learn its technology and use beCPG for their PLM projects.
“beCPG, it’s also a strong technology”
Inside beCPG PLM, there are free and proven technologies such as Alfresco. Alfresco is a platform for collaboration and management of critical enterprise contents. It manages process with large volumes of files and allows to collaborate safely. Every day, around 7 million of professionals in more than 180 countries are using Alfresco to manage 4 billion of documents, files and process.

beCPG is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software designed for the CPG (Consumer packaged goods). It provides a PLM ready to use for food and cosmetic. its flexible and configurable platform permits to adapt it to various CPG industries: Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Retail, Fashion & Apparel, High Tech & Electronics.

beCPG 1.6 in few words…

Simplified community installation
beCPG is now available on SourceForge. A virtual machine is provided to simplify handling.

New theme and optimized menu

Improved product management

Improved project management

And More…
Download right now the community version or ask for a free trial.