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beCPG presents the new version 3.2 of its PLM

By 12 February 2021February 21st, 2022No Comments

With this new year 2021, beCPG offers you its best wishes, as well as the very latest version 3.2 of its PLM software!

A new graphic theme, better ergonomics, and many new features: beCPG takes into account its customers feedback by offering you a turnkey solution to meet the challenges of 2021 and facilitate collaborative work.

A new theme

To offer you more user comfort and better ergonomics, beCPG worked with the design agency Maogani to rethink the graphic charter of its software, as well as its logo.

A new design for better ergonomics

Change in the projects module

In addition to the Gantt view, a new Tasks view is now available in project tracking. It makes it easier to consult, filter and sort tasks, for example:

  • display the tasks assigned to a team
  • filter tasks by deadline or delay

Also, in the task view of a project, you can now also quickly compare the effective start and finish dates of a task with the initially planned dates (which are displayed in red if the project is late):

Compare the actual and planned dates for each task in a project’s task view

To facilitate the management of your projects, you can also display the critical path of a project: it highlights in red the tasks which, if they were to fall behind, would impact the project deadline. Also observe in the screenshot below the watermark display of the initially planned dates:

Click on the button framed in red to display the critical path of a project. The initially scheduled task deadlines are displayed in the watermark

Finally, thanks to the “Start a process” action, you can now create a project directly from a product!

Regulatory management made easy by beCPG 3.2

For our customers focused on the export of highly regulated products (cosmetics, infantile products, etc.), we have implemented new functionalities allowing easy management of the regulations in force in each region of the globe, and for each family of products. .

You now have the possibility to configure guidelines within the formulation, for example to limit an ingredient or a nutrient for a product category. Additional labeling improvements now make it possible to manage new rules, to be compatible with more than 50 regulations (USA, Canada, China, Brazil, etc.)

Also facilitate regulatory monitoring of your target markets thanks to our connector with regulatory databases. This new connector synchronizes prohibited and restricted ingredients, by country and by use. The simplified view lets you immediately see the requirements that are not being met, and list them by country or by usage. And for cosmetics, beCPG now manages the IFRA certification (International Fragrance Association).

Manage regulations by country and use

Multilingualism in the spotlight

Because we live in a cosmopolitan world, our system is now available in 8 new languages: Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Turkish.

In addition to this, you now have the possibility to consult your multi-language fields in reading, directly from the consultation forms, by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Access your multilingual data with a single click

Forms in the system have also been improved with new controls for handling lists of values and multi-language data, as well as performance when generating multi-language datasheets.

Facilitate collaboration with your suppliers

To save you time in interactions with your suppliers and allow you to focus on your core business, several new features have appeared.

Generate an Excel workbook with a single click to export your product data, whether to ask the supplier to fill in the missing data, or to obtain a quote for a subcontracted product.

Our decision tree also makes it possible to generate more successful data entry assistants, in line with the needs of the moment.

Finally, updating documents is made easier thanks to an improvement in wizards, these assistants making it easier to fill in data. They now allow you to drag and drop files (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) from your computer directly onto beCPG. Very useful, especially when referencing new raw materials!

Drag and drop your documents directly into beCPG

Simplified versions control

To centralize information, it is often recommended to create a new version of a product when you want to redevelop it. Versions can then be stored in the product version history, and to facilitate their management, a new role has been created: Version manager.

The version manager can put away the versions created by his colleagues, even without having the right to directly modify their content. This avoids the proliferation of unversioned edits.

Select the “Version manager” role in the administration of a site

Do you manage future versions or do you make changes that will be effective on a certain date? We have added the option to automatically merge versions on a pre-planned date.

Facilitate collaborative work thanks to the monitoring of activities

Track the changes made by your employees using the “Activities” list of an entity: it now allows you to compare information before / after modification!

Import/Export of data & integration with other systems

Import all your product data more easily thanks to the annotations in the import files: centralized in beCPG, your product catalog is always up to date and accessible to all. In addition, beCPG’s Rest APIs now take into account the JSON format, to facilitate communication with your other software packages (ERP, CRM, labeling software, etc.).

Excel exports have been improved and we now offer an Excel export of labeling data with nutrients rounded by INCO, allergens and the list of ingredients:

Your sales reps can now create a PowerPoint catalog of your product portfolio with associated photos in just a few clicks, by exporting a search to a PowerPoint file!

And to facilitate the declaration of packaging materials by following CITEO recommendations, we have added the possibility of exporting the information of the materials present in the packaging according to the 7 packaging families described by the recycling organization.

Formulation under constraints

Thanks to the formulation under constraints, you can ask the system to calculate the best formulation to meet a specific constraint (eg: reduce raw material costs to a minimum, optimize its Nutri-score or its protein rate, etc.). Just specify your feasible area and optimization goals, and beCPG calculates the rest.

To facilitate the formulation steps in the system, a library of helpers is now available and the calculation formulas now allow more complex calculations to be taken into account during formulation.

Improved reporting & KPIs

To visualize the fruit of your efforts, our Business Intelligence module has been simplified to allow you to create your own performance indicators. You can now create specific cubes from your specific fields, in order to visualize your custom KPIs.

Project monitoring has also been made easier using a configurable filter, and advanced search has been thoroughly reworked: better performance and consideration of AND / OR operators between the different search fields, as well as the possibility to search in specific lists.

And much more!

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