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Calculation of the 5C-Score or Nutri-Score

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According to a recent survey led by IPSOS, more than half of the French people worry about their plate and would like to find out more about the origin of the food they eat : “French people say they don’t have enough information about elements as essential as composition of the products (60%), exact proportions of the ingredients (60%) …”
In a willingness to affix a single nutritional information system on the front face of food packaging to answer consumer needs, a comparative study of four nutritional labelling systems has been launched by the health french ministry. This study showed the benefit and the efficacy of the Nutri-Score logo also called « 5C-Score ». Approved by the health minister Marisol Touraine, industrials will be able to attach it to the front face of their products food packaging, on a voluntary basis, from April 2017.
Nutri-Score logo stands on the principles of a colour logo, classifying products into 5 categories (from A « good » to E « To be limited ») from an adaptation of the FSA score (Food Standard Agency).
In 2014, we launched a first version of the Nutri-Score. Following the validation of the Nutri-Score, we have updated our nutritional labelling system. This new functionality will allow the industrials to evaluate their whole product range, to reassure their consumers and to stand out from their competitors.
“It’s an efficient mean to improve the nutritional quality of the products and to profit from a favourable positioning on the future nutritional information system. You price your efforts of nutritional formulation !”
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