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Feed formulation and nutrition facts for animals

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beCPG software allows feed formulation by creating new recipes, managing raw materials and calculating nutrional values. The fabrication of animal feeds requires to take into account several criteria:

  • A balanced diet
    • energy is provided by cereals and corn
    • animal and vegetable proteins brought ​​by animal meal, soybean and peanuts
    • minerals
    • vitamins
    • additives (antioxidants, antibiotics, coccidiostats)
  • Requirements and nutrition standards

Depending on the animal and its stage of growth, its needs and its digestion are different, for example:

Newborns easily digest milk (lactose) but are unable to take advantage of other carbohydrates. In calves, growth is slowed if we replace lactose by another source of carbohydrates.

For that, beCPG provides a product repository to manage raw materials, recipes and nutritional profiles.

Creating a recipe is easily performed by adding raw materials and premix:

In one click, the formulator gets the costs and nutritional values of the blend to compare with the nutritional profiles:

– chicken growth period of 1 to 28 days
– chicken finishing period from 29 to slaughter
– hen
– pork maternity
– pig fattening
– etc …

The impact of raw materials on the cost of the product or on a nutrient can be identified quickly with graphics.

Finally, requirements not complied are displayed to the user.