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PLM Supplier Portal for the sourcing of raw materials

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    The sourcing of raw materials is essential in the process of developing new food products. Indeed, there are multiple rules and there are more and more informations asked to suppliers.

    Referencing raw materials, packagings and new suppliers is often a brainteaser for manufacturers and it slows down time to market. Indeed, this phase is time consuming et critical for the final quality of the labelled informations on which manufacturer commits. In view of the recent scandals of the sector, being able to track the informations and the discussions with the suppliers is essential in times of crisis.
In the sourcing process, there are a few distinct steps:
  • Sending requests to the suppliers and tracking them
  • Cheking the given informations
  • Re-entering the data on various tools (formulation, ERP, excel sheets)

PLM, a mandatory tool 

    In the agro-food industry, PLM is beginning to be more and more used to develop new products but also to manage product repository and formulation. Adding a supplier portal to the PLM is a key element to resolve a lot of sourcing problems. Thus, the collaboration with the supplier ensures that there is “one version of the truth” while helping the manufactorer to reduce costs and to work more efficiently thanks to the suppression of all other previously used ancillary tools. 
    Having a PLM configured with a “supplier portal” allows the teams to work with the complete, precise and up to date informations. The data entry is the responsabilty of the supplier. The exchanges are more reactive, secured and tracked better. Finally, the informations asked are clearer and validated in real-time. 
    Individualized access allows the suppliers and developpers to communicate about the product conception, the implementation details and the rules. The R&D team can share comments with the suppliers and track the samples during the review process they establish for each supplier.

beCPG PLM, an integrated portal

It is within this context that beCPG integrates an ergonomic and secured supplier portal without additionnal fees. beCPG’s supplier portal allows to :
  • Begin a collaboration process
  • Validate specifications
  • Track the ongoing sourcing processes
  • Dun suppliers
  • Track the exchanges between clients and suppliers
  • Maintain the repository up to date
  • Sort and handle the suppliers documents
  • Search documents with metadata and certificate dates
  • Automate the processes and make the collected data more reliable
  • Find quickly outdated materials and certificates
The suppliers are notified and access to online wizards to quickly fill in the asked informations. The exchanges between the supplier and the client are simple, secured and tracked.
The advantages of beCPG’s supplier portal are multiple :
  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • A complete multilangual management
  • Automated generation of raw material specifications
  • Tracking the projects with the Gantt planning
  • Documents and products repository
  • Control of the entries and adding documents made simple
Finally, if your supplier or your client uses beCPG, it’s possible to completely remove the entry step by dematerialising the product data exchange.

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