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PIM software for Food, Cosmetics and CPG industries

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Product Information Management (PIM) refers to processes and technologies focused on centrally managing information about products. PIM systems focus on the data required to market and sell the products through one or more distribution channels. beCPG software is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) but it is also an open source PIM software ready to use for Food, Cosmetics and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). We will see here how beCPG can manage product information.

The increasing number of channels for product data (e.g., web sites, print catalogs, ecommerce platforms) emphasized the need for product information management. Indeed, information is kept by business and it is frequently scattered throughout disparate departments. Moreover, information is held by certain employees or systems instead of being available centrally. Data is often saved in various formats like spreadsheets, personal databases or even only available in hard copy form.

A centralized product information management (PIM)

First of all, beCPG provides centralized access to data through its product repository that helps to enrich product content. In standard, beCPG manages a lot of data expected by a PIM solution: product descriptions, nutritional labeling, allergens, list of ingredients, claims, sales, marketing and supply chain data … It also maintains consistency, data quality and product sheets up-to-date for your multiple sales channels. With beCPG, increase product experiences and customer experience !


beCPG’s data model is extensible and configurable to store all information related to products and digital asset management such as images, videos and artworks.
Our supplier portal allows your suppliers to fill the information of raw materials and packaging directly to save time and avoid errors.

Information Synchronization

beCPG is an efficient GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) tool. Indeed, it synchronize GDSN data in your company and outside:


Finally, our Rest API and connectors ensures a consistent integration your the Information System through its Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).