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Regulation 1169/2011 and food regulatory compliance

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Regulation No 1169/2011 harmonizes the labeling of food products in the European Union, including:

  • labeling of ingredients and their origins
  • the nutrition facts
  • the presence of allergens
  • the legal name
  • label claims for nutrition and health

Many websites and blogs introduced it, however, the management of these data can be complex, source of errors and time consuming. To facilitate their management and their updates, beCPG PLM includes four complementary modules:

  • the products repository
  • the formulation of recipe that calculates automatically costs, nutrition facts, the list of ingredients, physicochemical characteristics and allergens
  • the product specifications generator
  • project management
INCO regulation : nutrition facts calculated
INCO regulation : allergens management
Nutrition facts generated
Ingredient labeling (calculted according to your rules)

The benefits provided by beCPG are multiple:

  • save time when developing a new product, answering a request for quotation
  • simulate your recipes
  • respect the client specifications and regulatory constraints
  • drive your projects of New Product Developement and accelerate the innovation

Some information about the regulation: