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Top 10 reasons to use our Cloud PLM solution beCPG

By 3 July 2012January 29th, 2022No Comments
Working in a CPG or Food company ? Tired of using excel stylesheets?  beCPG is what you are looking for, a Cloud PLM solution!
beCPG provides a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution serving the industries of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) such as Food & Beverage, Cosmetics and Feed. 

10 reasons to adopt it!

1 – Integrated with your google Apps

With this new offer, you can now install and integrate beCPG to your Google Apps domain:

No need to enter your username and password in beCPG, users can directly access your domains in beCPG via their Google account. You also have the option to edit online documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly into Google Drive.

2 – Product management

– centralized product data management
– central source of history
– document management based on Alfresco
– report generator to produce documents such as Product Specification, Factory Specification

3 – Formula and recipe management

Manage your recipes and optimize them:

– recipe costing
– allergen data
– nutrition declaration and nutritive profiles (international databanks such as USDA, CIQUAL)
– labeling of ingredients / INCI / CAS
– constraints and optimization of formulation

4 –  Project management

Gantt view for new product development project

Several workflows for new product development.

5 – Quality management

– document management
– non-conformities, customer complaints and corrective actions
– quality controls

6 – Rapid benefits

– improve time-to-market
– reduce repetitive tasks
– 1 piece of data, 1 point of entry, 1 source of the ‘truth’
– achieve global regulatory compliance

7 – Modern User Interface

beCPG provide a modern web 2.0 interface with HTML 5 and  Drag&Drops features.

8 – Manage your social publication

beCPG can publish content on best known social media :

  • FlickR
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • SlideShare

This probably will seduce your communication and marketing teams ! They can easily communicate on the launch of your new products!

This feature provides a real comfort and a number of advantages:

  • no need to share an account which is a guarantee of safety
  • administration of users and groups allowed to publish on each network
  • ability to publish content such as documents, images, presentations, videos
  • publish on several social networks
  • facility to update content on social networks

9 – No need of infrastructure

beCPG SaaS is an infrastructure available 24H/24H 7J/7 everywhere on the world. You only need to worry about your work!

10 – Free Trial

So what you are waiting for using our Cloud PLM solution ?