Whether you work in a cosmetics SME or for a large food group, you necessarily have good reasons to strengthen your Information System around a PLM solution. Here are 10 good reasons to choose beCPG’s PLM solution to manage your data!

1. A collaborative platform

Teamwork has always required good internal organization and up-to-date documents. Thus, you do not waste precious time when bringing your innovations to the market. The current health crisis and the rise of associated working from home further reinforces this need for harmonization between colleagues.

Thanks to beCPG’s Product Repository, your recipes are centralized and your documents are always up to date! The time you spent looking for and exchanging your documents is now put to good use in your core business.

Find out more about the importance of a PLM solution in the context of telecommuting and digital transformation.

2. Calculation of nutrients, costs & allergens

Still using Excel spreadsheets to calculate your product data? With beCPG, you can automatically manage the calculation of nutrients, costs, allergens, physicochemical data, claims, and much more. Our Formulation module can be adapted according to your needs, and will be an ally for your R&D teams.

Specifically designed for the food and cosmetics industries, beCPG also calculates your nutritional scores for different markets: European Nutri-score, Traffic-Light in the United Kingdom, or Nutrition Facts for North America.

3. Calculation of your labeling data

From the products composition, beCPG automatically calculates the list of ingredients. If the recipe changes, the labeling data is updated in accordance with regulations. In addition, you can configure the appearance of these according to your internal standards:

  • highlighting of allergens in bold or underlined,
  • display of percentages,
  • groupings of ingredients,
  • management of E codes for additives,
  • etc …

In addition, this information is also manageable in multiple languages if you are exporting your products to different markets. Finally, they are sent automatically to the label printing software (see the tenth reason below).

4. The generation of your specifications in one click

The creation of product data sheets is generally very time consuming for a company. As soon as a product evolves, you have to update its technical data sheets and doing it manually quickly becomes tedious.

Thanks to the Reports module, your documents are automatically generated from product information. They are therefore always up to date. Customer specifications, cost reports or production brief, you can customize the format and information of the sheets you need to automate this whole process.

5. Take into account the specificities of your industry

Each food or cosmetic industry has its own particularities. Calculation of nutrients for infant milks, specific management of yields and losses, use of by-products for slaughterhouses, or even internal scores on the naturalness of products: each of our customers has their own specificities.

Since 2010, we have supported more than 75 clients from the food, cosmetics and DPH industries by taking their needs into account, and by adapting our software to the specificities required. Find our customer references on our site.

6. Project management and workflows for new product development

Teamwork requires the establishment of workflows within a company, to follow an innovation project and assign the right tasks to the right people. With our Project Management and Workflows module, configure, automate and monitor all your projects in our ergonomic interface.

When a task is assigned to you, receive an notification by email, and validate the task to move the project forward. Launching a new project becomes child’s play, and teamwork is smoother for better organization!

Gantt view for new product development project

7. A key tool for your Quality department

Do you want to ban sesame from India, or E450 in your recipes? Set up specifications by country and by application. You will be able to limit or prohibit the use of certain ingredients or certain origins.

In addition, you can also manage your control points, quality controls and complaints management directly on our all-in-one PLM solution. Our Quality module guarantees irreproachable quality to your products!

8. Management of several regulations (EU, FDA, …) and Product Information File (PIF)

Designed for your industries, the beCPG PLM solution helps you manage the mandatory information of the main regulations:

  • EU regulation 1169/2011 for the labeling of foodstuffs,
  • Regulation (EC) n ° 1223/2009 for cosmetics,
  • foreign regulations like the FDA or BRC certifications.

Easily manage your mandatory information catalogs in the food industry. Generate your Product Information Files (PIF) for your cosmetic products. Our PLM solution supports you in managing the regulations of more than 70 countries!

9. A repository to centralize all multilingual data

Whether your business is a multinational corporation or exports its products overseas, managing data in different languages is complicated. Fortunately, beCPG manages the multilingual data (legal wording, description, etc.) for you, and automatically generates your labeling data and technical data sheets in all the required languages. Some of our clients manage their data in over 70 languages!

In addition, our user interface (UI) is available in 11 languages as of today:

  • French,
  • English (UK & US),
  • Spanish,
  • German,
  • Italian,
  • Portuguese,
  • Russian,
  • Swedish,
  • Finnish,
  • Turkish.

10. A PLM solution integrated with your other softwares

Finally, a PLM solution must exchange data with other software. Therefore, beCPG offers connectors and APIs to import and export product data. The beCPG PLM solution is therefore easily interfaced into your information system: ERP, labeling software, CRM, website, GS1 customer portals, and many more.

Find more information about our PLM platform on our website.

Do you recognize yourself in these 10 good reasons to choose the PLM solution from beCPG? Do you want to trust a robust, proven, and open-source PLM solution to manage your product information?

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