Brazil: Calculate the new nutrition declaration with beCPG

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Since October 9, new rules are applicable for the Brazilian nutritional declaration of food products. However, a period of 12 months of adaptation is accorded to companies to comply. 

These changes aim to better inform consumers about the nutritional values of foods, with a particular focus on the high presence of added sugars, saturated fats and sodium.

beCPG support you along this evolution! 

beCPG covers more than 70 regulations, including Brazilian regulations, for the calculation of nutritional values, allergens, claims and ingredient lists. 

A new front declaration

In order to advise consumers about foods that contain high amounts of nutrients considered unhealthy, ANVISA (the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency), now requires front labeling, when the following threshold values are exceeded:

Table of threshold values

ANVISA offers several models depending on the number of nutrients involved and the desired layout on the packaging

Pictogramme frontal

With beCPG , easily identify : 

  • products exceeding these regulatory thresholds: via our advanced search module.
beCPG Advanced search
  • the front label to be indicated on the product: via the automatic management of nutritional claims
beCPG Claims Management

A new nutritional declaration format

The format of the nutrition declaration is evolving to include: 

  • total sugar,
  • added sugars, 
  • nutritional values per 100 g or 100 ml,
  • and the number of servings per package.
Data sheet in beCPG, realized by our Brazilian partner Cronoplus

From now on, this new format is available in beCPG and can be configured on your data sheets. 

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Source : Mérieux NutriSciencesWalonia.beANVISA  (Legislation – RDC nº 429 de 08/10/2020)