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Discover the new version 3.2.3 of beCPG PLM

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In an initiative of continuous improvement, beCPG PLM continues to take into account the feedbacks of its customers. The version 3.2.3, offers a better ergonomics, and many new features. The labeling, allergen, project or production order modules have been enriched to meet today’s constraints. Performance has also been improved, and PLM is now faster and more efficient.

New design for beCPG PLM data sheets and emails

To continue to offer you more comfort of use, beCPG PLM has reviewed the data sheets, the notification emails and the search exports.

A new data sheet design

New features to automate labeling

Over the years, product labeling has become a real challenge for industries. In front of the multiplication and the complexity of the rules of labelling which are more and more specific to each category, beCPG PLM provides you with new functionalities to automate your labelling.

Generate labels without composition

From now on, the generation of a label works for finished products without composition. You just have to enter the ingredients to generate the label. This feature is very practical for trading products.

An optimized table format

The table format labeling now offers a 5 column table with :

  • Ingredients (in descending order)
  • Geographical origin
  • Biological origin
  • Raw quantity (%)
  • Quantity after yield (%)

Moreover, the presentation is customizable, you can change the rounding or remove columns.

Labeling in table format

New rules

The rule “Display biological origins” automatically implements the biological species of the ingredients in the labeling.

beCPG Labeling

“Foot note” allows you to add foot note to ingredient lists. This rule is very useful to add asterisks on organic or fair trade ingredients. A sign can be configured for each reference.

Label for biological product

Finally, the form for editing reworked labels is now larger to improve visibility and label entry.

With beCPG PLM , improve the commercialization of your products in the worldwide

New regulations have been integrated into beCPG (China, Indonesia, Gulf States, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine). beCPG now covers the regulations of the following countries for the calculation of nutritional values, allergens, claims and ingredient lists:

  • Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, India, Brunei, China
  • South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Mozambique
  • Usa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, French Polynesia
  • Russia, Serbia
  • Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • Turkey, Israel, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

In addition, the interface with Decernis has been improved. It is now possible to display the regulatory thresholds of restricted ingredients even if the product is within the limit. Therefore, the formulator can see that an ingredient is restricted even if the formula meets the regulatory threshold.

At the same time new languages, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese have been added to the graphical interface.

beCPG interface in Japanese

Improved traceability of geographical origins

To manage with more precision the geographical origins of ingredients and raw materials, it is now possible to assign them an activity. (e.g.: assembly, birth, bottled, catch area, farming, import, last treatment, milking, breeding, slaughter)

beCPG ingredients tab

Allergens: Differentiation of presence on line and plant

In order to track the place of possible contamination and the control of this contamination by cleaning for example, 3 new columns are available in the allergen section.

beCPG Allergens tab

Take advantage of beCPG’s pre-configured notification module

Follow the validity of your data is often complicated. beCPG PLM now integrates in its standard, pre-configured notifications, which inform you of the changes of status of your products, projects or documents.

Every Monday:

  • anticipate the documents that will be obsolete in the next 3 months;
  • list your ongoing projects;
  • track the activity of products released or archived the previous week.

As a reminder, notifications are customizable according to your needs:

  • The group or person to be notified
  • Subject (validity of documents, modified entity, entity under development…)
  • The frequency
  • The day of the notifications (eg: Monday)
  • The start date of the notifications.

With the beCPG 3.2.3, you can start processes directly from your documents. This feature is very useful for reviewing and validating documents.

Start a project from a document

Manage your production orders and your lab stocks

A new object is available in beCPG PLM to manage production orders and a stock list is available for raw materials and semi-finished products. Thus manage the stock of the lab and create a report Production specification in which the composition of the product is reorganized in the production order. The production order also specifies the quantity to be produced and the batches of material used. When the production order is executed, the stock is updated according to the quantity of material consumed.

Make custom document selections

A basket allows you to select the documents to share them via a public link and download them in zip.
Very useful when you share or download documents that are in several folders!

Create a basket of documents

And much more!

Version 3.2.3, also integrates an automatic calculation of the Eco-score, the ensemble of GS1 fields or an export for the eco-packaging tax (CITEO) updated with the new directives of 2020.

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