The formulation module makes it easy to design new products (recipe, packaging, process).

It automatically calculates regulatory data (allergens, ingredients list, claims, etc.), and allows you to optimize the costs and nutritional profile of your products.



new products with recipes, packaging and processes


costs, allergens, ingredients, nutrition facts, nutri-score, trafic lights, claims, physico-chemical data, weights, packaging taxes


trials and check client specifications

Formulate food and cosmetic products in a few clicks

  • Calculation of product characteristics including costs, nutritional labelling, allergens, ingredient declaration / INCI / CAS, physical-chemical characteristics
  • Consideration of processing processes (returns, brakes, losses, gains)
  • Product updates following changes in raw materials
  • Recipe simulation
  • Test comparison

Optimization, regulations and constraints

  • Lower-cost formula
  • Compliance with customer specifications through constrained wording
  • Regulations and legislation such as the INCO Regulation
    (EU No. 1169/2011), U.S. regulations (FDA) and many other
  • Specific calculation rules thanks to our formula editor
  • Optimizing and standardizing formulas to set you apart from the competition!

Eco-design and carbon footprint

  • Carbon balance and environmental impact
  • Eco-design by optimizing your formulas

Ready-to-use INCO software

Do you find the implementation of the INCO Regulation (EU 1169/2011) complex?

Are you still using Excel to manage your recipes?

Do you want to improve collaboration between your services and make your product data more reliable?

Don’t wait any longer!

Choose the best deal on the market. Unlike other solutions, beCPG PLM is an all-in-one formulation software offered at a competitive price.

Its ease of use allows for quick and untrained nutrition labelling, nutri-score calculation, declaration of ingredients and allergens in compliance with INCO regulations and U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.