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Calculation of HFSS products in beCPG

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The UK government has announced a ban on online advertising for certain products high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS). This is in addition to a ban on the broadcasting of advertisements on television after 9pm. The ban took effect on 1 January 2023.

According to the guide published by the UK government, products are given a score to determine whether they are HFSS. Points are scored for energy, saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt content to determine an A component. Similarly, points are scored for the percentage of fruit, vegetables and nuts, fibre and protein and determine a C component. The score you get determines whether your product is HFSS.

A food is classified as “less healthy” if the score is at least 4.

A drink is classified as “less healthy” if its score is higher than 1.

beCPG supports you in this development!

Quickly establish whether your products are affected by this ban in beCPG

BeCPG allows you to quickly identify which products are HFSS using two claims. From a finished product, edit the properties and select a nutritional profile from the properties:

Nutrient profiling score beCPG

You will also need information on the portion size of your product:

Serving information

Then go to the “Claims” list for your product. You will then be able to add the HFSS claims, and relaunch the formulation of your product. Depending on the nutritional values, the “HFSS healthy” or “HFSS less healthy” claims will be calculated and then displayed in your data sheet.

Claims List

You will therefore be able to communicate the HFSS status of your products, without having to enter new information about your products.

With beCPG you can calculate the HFSS status in real time, thanks to the formulation module and save time and improve your internal communication!

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Source : AsaIabukGov-uk