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Calculate the Nutri-score instantly with the beCPG PLM

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The Nutri-score could become mandatory by the end of 2022. Indeed, the European Commission is planning to impose nutritional labelling on food products. The Nutri-score already adopted on a voluntary basis by several European countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg) could be chosen as a reference.

The authorities have also adopted in July 2022 changes in the calculation of the Nutri-Score to classify foods consistent with dietary recommendations. This evolution is expected during 2023, the algorithm will of course be updated in beCPG.

This logo, which assigns a grade from A to E, with A being the most nutritionally favorable and E the least favorable, allows consumers to “compare the nutritional quality of products easily”.

What are the parameters to be taken into account to calculate the Nutri-score?

For 100g of product, the Nutri-score attributed points according to the nutrient/food content:

  • to promote (fibre, protein, fruit and vegetables, pulses, rapeseed/olive/nut oil, ..)
  • to limit (calories, saturated fatty acids, sugars, salt…)

After calculation, the score obtained by a product is used to assign it a letter and a colour.

Why adopt the Nutri-score?

Three years after its adoption, 415 companies were committed to the Nutri-score approach in July 2020 in France, i.e. around 50% of the market share in terms of sales volumes, according to the Oqali report. There are now nearly 500 companies that are supporting the logo. Moreover, according to a survey conducted by “Santé publique France” in September 2020, nearly 94% of French people said they were in favour of its presence on packaging, and more than one in two French people said they had changed at least one purchasing habit thanks to the Nutri-score.

Don’t be afraid of regulations but use them as a leverage for growth. In the face of regulatory changes, beCPG supports you. Our PLM integrates a centralised and shared product repository with the calculation of nutritional values and the Nutri-score.

Calculate the Nutri-score in real time using our formulation module

beCPG includes an automatic calculation of the Nutri-score. It is based on the data entered for the raw materials and their content in the finished product.

In case of modification of the formulation, the Nutri-score is automatically recalculated. You can also consult the details of the calculation to identify your improvements.

Organise the optimisation of your product scores

In order to manage the reformulation of your products, it’s possible to set up a project template. This template allows you to organise the tasks and distribute them among your employees, who are immediately informed by our e-mail notification system.

With beCPG, calculate the Nutri-score in real time, save time and improve your internal communication!

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