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Managing food safety crisis with beCPG PLM software

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Ethylene oxide contamination marked 2021 with an unprecedented food safety crisis. Ethylene oxide is a carcinogenic and mutagenic pesticide (identified as CMR) used for its action against micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.). Banned in the EU since 2011, it is still widely used outside Europe in spices and seeds treatment.

Initially detected in sesame seeds, the alert then spread to certain spices and even additives, leading to large withdrawal and recalls.

In the face of food safety alerts, beCPG accompany you:

  1. Enabling for a complete inventory of all the information needed for crisis management with product repository
  2. Optimizing your communication flows and processes with the project management tool
  3. Sharing key documents with your suppliers and customers

beCPG with its user-friendly design and tools, increases the speed and reliability of your research, improves your responsiveness and organization when dealing with food safety alerts, improves your communication with suppliers and customers

The use of the advanced search enables to easily find products using the ingredient. For example, using E410 (carob flour) as search criteria (stabilizer highlighted in the ethylene oxide crisis), gives us the list of all the products using it.

This search can be exported in Excel or PDF format. It’s also possible to make a “where use ” of the ingredient to find the products that use it:

Gain in speed and reliability!

Manage your food crisis management process

In order to pilot the crisis management linked to a food safety alert by setting up a project model.

The model is “pre-configured” with basic tasks (inventory, supplier enquiries, etc.). These tasks can be assigned to employees who will be immediately notified by e-mail.

This module also allows :

  • Send notifications of information from purchasing departments or customers. They will thus be able to follow the progress of the crisis;
  • Link all documents (e-mail, certificates, photos, etc.);
  • Link the “identified products”.

Improve your responsiveness and organization!

Make documents available internally, with customers and suppliers

It is possible to shared your knowledge by making product-related documents/certificates available. This way, your quality employees can consult the documents via the search or the product-related documents.

Improve your communication!

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