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Optimize your graphic chain with beCPG PLM

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What are the challenges of managing the graphic chain?

The graphic chain refers to all the actions required to create a communication media, from design to finalization. The management of the graphic chain for food or cosmetic products deals with many technical, organizational and regulatory aspects.

The packaging of the finished product, for example, must include legal data such as the ingredients list, nutritional values or some claims. At the same time, it is necessary to remain consistent with the brand identity and marketing requirements.

In addition to this complexity of content, there is an organizational challenge. Many actors within the company have a role to play in the development of this packaging (Purchasing, NPD, Quality, Marketing, Sales…).

A mismanagement of these issues:

  • slows time to market for your products
  • increases the risk of errors
  • brings conflict into the collaboration of the different departments.

On the other hand, the control of the graphic chain, with an adapted tool, optimizes the life cycle of your products and simplifies the exchanges between collaborators.

What can beCPG offer you to manage graphic chain?

A collaborative working tool

The beCPG PLM is created and designed to facilitate the organization of work in multidisciplinary teams. Thanks to a system of tasks, parameterized within projects, users :

  • are notified of tasks to be performed
  • can consult the progress of projects through the “Project List” module

Do not hesitate to consult our page on project management & workflows!

Gantt view for new product development project
Gantt chart of a project in beCPG

In the system, project is customizable to fit the way your company works. beCPG allows you to store documents and manage their versions, as well as to link them to products. No more email file exchanges or complex cloud storage!

The integrity of your data

In beCPG, you can fill in all the information about your products, from their composition to allergens, including the origins of raw materials. (Do not hesitate to consult our article on GS1 data management).

Our automatic formulation module will then aggregate this data to calculate the labeling data. This avoids unnecessary data entry or import.

To go further, the software can be automated to integrate your business logic in the generation of labels (indication of geographical origins, percentages, aggregation of ingredients…)

As all the necessary data for the design of a artwork is in beCPG, you can save time by generating an agency/designer Brief.

Thanks to these features, you no longer need to design each label text by hand, beCPG does it for you!

A complete annotation module

In its version 4.2, beCPG integrates a module of modification of PDF which facilitates the exchanges between the different departments of the company thanks to its ergonomic and intuitive interface.

Many functionalities are available such as:

  • Add text, highlight, add notes, use a drawing tool…
Annotate a document in beCPG
  • Add different types of shapes to the document (squares, rectangles, circles…)
Adding shapes on a document in beCPG
  • Insert images or stamps
Add a stamp on a document in beCPG
  • Add a signature
Create or use a signature in beCPG
  • Measure
Measure in beCPG
  • Compare 2 versions:


Text comparison of 2 versions of a document

The pixels

Pixel comparaison

  • Filter by pantone color
  • Filter layers (Layers)

A new version of the document is created with each annotation. beCPG keeps a memory of the old versions and follows the modifications of each collaborator.

Thanks to the annotation module, collaboration between departments is now easier!

And much more!

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